Composite bearings

Composite bearings

composiet materialen






For more than 30 years already Elcee is the specialist in the field of bearings. You will find the largest assortment of the Benelux here. Anticipating the need of the market, we are continuously looking for new products. This is the reason why we can offer you a large assortment, that is permanently extending. The key word here was and still is self-lubricating. We offer you bearings for practically any application. The image given in these pages are of course not at all complete. We therefore request you to contact us in case you should have a question about bearings or when you should need an advice without engagement.

Among these materials you will find composite bearings of Tribo Top® and Tribo Ball®. These materials are reinforced, laminated plastics, which are excellent in use for middle until very high loaded applications in several conditions. These materials can be supplied as tube- and sheet material, but also as finished machined parts to drawing, such as bearings, rings, sliding pads, spherical bearings and rollers.

Our Tribo Top® composite materials offer a high quality alternative to existing bearing materials, combined with important advantages. All qualities are wounded or laminated materials, made from a synthetic cord or cloth, impregnated with a thermoset resin with solid lubricants. Tribo Top® materials are non toxic and are also applicable for food-applications.

Tribo Top® composite materials are used for decades in all industrial areas and offer many advantages in compare to metallic sliding bearings. There are a lot of different materials available, each with its own composition and mechanical properties, to meet the requirements for all kinds of special applications. Please find here below a number of advantages for our Tribo Top® materials in compare to other sliding bearing materials.

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On this page, only a selection of our productrange is shown. If you want more information or if you want to submit a specific issue to us, please contact our engineers for the possibilities.
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