Material type composite materials

Elcee composite materials are rigid polymer composites that have solid friction modifier encapsulated within matrix. Normal wear at the bearing surface continually exposes new lubricated surfaces, while Elcee composite bearing materials are able to remain self-lubricating throughout the entire bearing life.

Elcee composite bearing materials have fuelled growth of applications throughout all sectors of industry, providing many advantages over metallic bearings. There are currently many grades, each with its own particular chemical and physical properties designed to match specific requirements. The followings are main advantages they have compared to traditional bearing materials like bronze and steel:

– Low coefficient of friction
– High resistance of wearing
– Excellent resilience
– Low or free maintenance
– High load capacity / high shock load capacity
– Excellent abrasion resistance
– Accept misalignment
– Good chemical resistance
– Noise and vibration suppressing characteristics
– Light weight


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