Castings & Forgings

Semi finished products

We are specialized in giving professional advice and in delivering parts in accordance with drawing, as a casting, forging or as an assembled execution.
Considering material property and production possibility, we can offer you an optimized solution.
We can develop the products in 3D after which the final product is made in resin by means of rapid prototyping.

 cirkel-medium non ferrous en cirkel-medium smeden en
 cirkel-medium zandgieten en cirkel-medium verloren was en
cirkel-medium water glas gieten en  cirkel-medium lost foam en
cirkel-medium centrifugal casting en cirkel-medium powder metallurgy en
cirkel-medium stamping & injection mold en


On this page, only a selection of our productrange is shown. If you want more information or if you want to submit a specific issue to us, please contact our engineers for the possibilities.
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