Non-ferrous castings

Non-ferrous casting –
Pressure die casting / Gravity die casting / Low pressure die casting

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Materials: Al-Si alloy, Al-Mg alloy, Al-Cu alloy, AL-Cu-Si alloy, Al-Zn-Mg alloy and Al-Sn alloy
Dimension ranges from 10mm to 1500mm
Weight ranges from 0.01kg to 100kg
Linear tolerance: CT5-CT7 for Pressure Die Casting, CT7-CT9 for Gravity Die Casting, CT5 – CT9 for low pressure die casting
Dynamic or Static balancing, NDT
Surface treatment: Vibrated polishing, Powder coating, Anodic treatment
Certificates: ISO 9001, TS16949

Main products of Pressure Die Castings: small and medium castings, such as aluminum, zinc, copper and other alloy castings that are widely used in the automotive, tractor, aviation, instruments, electrical appliances and other fields.

Main products of Gravity Die Castings: simple non-ferrous castings, such as aluminum piston, cylinder, cylinder head, pump, bearings brush, shaft sleeves, and so on.